Galaxy Note 8


If the Note 8 looks familiar, it should: it’s nearly identical to the Galaxy S8+ Android phone Samsung released in April. The Note 8 has a wider body and sharper corners, but the phones are otherwise almost impossible to tell apart. That’s a departure from form. While the Galaxy S and Note families have gradually converged, the Note’s larger screens have made it the go-to mobile for fans of phablets: devices that straddle the ergonomic turf between a phone and tablet.



The good: Beautiful screen, long battery life, helpful iris scanner for unlocking the phone, better multitasking
The bad: Live Focus camera isn’t as good as Apple’s Portrait Mode, facial recognition is unreliable, not significantly different than Galaxy S8 and S8+ though more expensive
Who should buy: Android fans that really care about having a stylus and two cameras should opt for the Note 8, but the Galaxy S8+ offers similar features at a lower price.


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