Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime SM


Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G610FO Smart Phone 32 GB

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Key Features

  • Real Metal Finish & Strong 2.5D Gorilla Glass
  • Comfortable Grip with Streamlined Design
  • Fingerprint Sensor for Added Security
  • Wide Selfie Mode up to 103 degree angle
  • Palm Selfie Mode takes selfie using palm gesture



Real Metal Finish
Real metal finish provides a luxurious and premium look. Strong 2.5D Gorilla Glass ensures the screen is more durable than before.

Comfortable Grip with Streamlined Design
Compact body fits comfortably in your hand. Each device is narrower yet has a large screen for immersive viewing. Elegant design highlighted by the elegant curved back and flush rear camera

Superior Processor
Large internal memory ensures smooth multitasking and seamless UI transitions.

Fingerprint Sensor for Added Security
The fingerprint sensor boosts your phone’s security. Only your finger can unlock your phone. Quick and easy fingerprint verification (no swiping required). The Galaxy J7 is the first midrange Galaxy smartphone with a fingerprint sensor.

Smart Camera
With F1.9 lens on both the rear and front cameras, you get bright photos in low-light conditions. High-resolution sensors on both cameras ensure photos are crisp and clear.

Wide Selfie – Smart Selfie with more people
All of your friends can easily fit in the frame with Wide Selfie mode. Click wide selfies up to (103 degrees) compared to a normal selfie (85 degrees).

Palm Selfie – Smart Selfie with your palm
Taking a selfie is so simple with Palm Selfie mode. It recognizes your palm gesture and automatically takes a selfie without the need to press a button.

Convenient Quick Launch
Press the Home key twice to turn on the camera in less than a second. Capture fleeting moments before they are over.

Dual SIM & microSD card support
Three card slots ensure you can use two SIM cards and one microSD card at once. Easily swap SIM cards without restarting the phone. Expand the memory with a microSD card of up to 256 GB.

Bigger Battery
Enjoy extended usage with the increased battery capacity. Now you can fully immerse yourself in games and movies. Ultra Power Saving (UPS) Mode controls the power consumption of apps for more efficient battery usage.

LTE Smartphone
Enjoy seamless gaming, entertainment and multimedia experience on your Galaxy J7 Prime. Enjoy enhanced social networking and benefit from faster downloads & uploads.


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